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Ironman is Coming...
Making Sex Great, EVERY Time
Do you recall the last time you had mediocre sex? … 

That’s the problem! Mediocre sex shouldn’t even happen!

I Love Sex… But mediocre sex is a part of life… or is it? 

This problem fascinated me, and so...
I set off on a mission. Make sex great, EVERY time.
Great Sex: Knowing what to do, and having the physical ability to do it.
There are two reasons stopping people from having great sex every time:
1. One or both partners aren’t fully educated on what to do.
2. It’s physiologically impossible to to be ready 100% of the time.
The solution for number 1 is simple, educate people. However the solution for number 2 is a little bit trickier

Men are regularly turned off!
Uncomfortable Condoms
Something On Their Mind
Refractory Period
All these reasons are perfectly natural.
If You Can't Physically Perform 100% of the Time, 
You Can't Have Great Sex 100% of the Time
And after looking into pills, sex toys, and psychological methods, nothing could guarantee a man being ready 100% of the time and thus providing great sex.

So instead, I did a little research, and discovered that a toy could do the trick!

It would need to be firm, expandable, and would need to increased sensation of one, if not both partners. 
My mission of making sex great EVERY time led to the creation of Ironman...
Its thin and simplistic design was the only thing I found to allow me to provide people with the ability to have great sex, EVERY time… 

Now you can perform great sex 100% of the time, with condoms, after orgasm, even while intoxicated, for hours!
How Ironman Works
Things that get you hard
Most sensitive male areas are their shaft, and just before the head
Head support that prevents bending when turned off (soft)
Holds & Expands
Vibration & Sensation
With Condoms
 Ready Whenever

 Go Forever

 With More Pleasure
Make Sex Great, EVERY Time
Be the First In Line
(Released December 2018)
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